This i41ESV249EAL._SX300_s a little disturbing. “Mad About You” by Sting has been my favorite song since my junior year in high school. I didn’t realize until today that it had an official music video! It’s weird. Sorta…Casablanca meets Lawrence of Arabia. I’ve had more than twenty years to picture my own visuals, so this was jarring. Who are the weird white-jacketed men in Rick’s Place? Are Sting and his lady too posh to use camels in the desert? Are they destined to be separated forever?

Well, I assumed that much. My fascination stems from the layers and layers of music, like a pop song orchestra that accidentally throws in compelling references to ancient history. Plus few men were hotter in the late ’80s/early ’90s than Sting. My mad crush on him ebbs and flows, occasionally revived such as during his performance at the Grammy Awards with Bruno Mars and two of Bob Marley’s sons in a tribute to the High Priest of Reggae.

So yeah, for better or worse, there’s a video for my favorite song of all time.

I think I’ll stick to pushing Bose headphones in my ears and turning it up as loud as possible, my eyes closed, traveling across deserts I’ve only ever seen in my mind.