tumblr_munthh04qo1snfkcvo1_500It’s no secret on Twitter that I’m a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston. He’s not just Loki–although, admittedly, Loki is the character that turned me on to this incredible man. He’s not just Adam from the remarkable Only Lovers Left Alive. Neither is he just blood-soaked Coriolanus or the ultimate playboy-to-hero, Henry V, from the four-part Hollow Crown quadrilogy.

On occasion he hangs out with Cookie Monster.

And he loves life. You can’t deny it when you look at this picture of Tom running up the Great Wall of China. 

So in honor of Tom and his amazing voice, classical education, and indefatigable love of literature, we’re going to present a series of YouTube videos in which he reads poems. Believe me, you’ll want to hear every single one. I have. Repeatedly.

Tune in next Thursday for more delicious fun. It’ll make you a fan of poetry, even if only limited to the ones he recites!