Richard Armitage 60Who are you?

An historical romance author, contemporary romance author, wife to an incredible Englishman, mother of two, friend to the best woman I’ve ever known, daughter to two amazing inspirations, sister to a brother I don’t see nearly as often as I’d like, workaholic, haters of moping, lover of springtime, movie aficionado, fangirl to just about any intense, dark-haired, pale-skinned Brit such as Richard Armitage.

Oh, and now I’m a paranormal author too!

Who are you really?

Someday soon I’ll be at liberty to speak more freely about all this cloak and dagger stuff, and reveal my other published identities. For the moment it was decided that  a new name and a fresh start would be fab for the new paranormal side of my life. Just bear with me. Consider my enigma an intriguing story you’d like played out to the end…?

Where do you live?

The Chicago area, and in the Midwest since I was a young girl. Snow is my friend…until late March.

The Decoy BrideWhat are three of your favorite movies?

These change constantly, although old standbys will die: Star Wars, Aliens, The Princess Bride, The Terminator, Love Actually, and either the Firth or Knightley versions of Pride and Prejudice (don’t make me choose!). Currently, I can’t get enough of The Bourne Legacy, The Decoy Bride (David Tennant from “Doctor Who” and Kelly Macdonald from Brave in a romantic comedy!), and I watched Silver Linings Playbook on Saturday–it blew me away.

Who are your current favorite musicians?

Florence + the Machine, Lana del Rey, Ellie Goulding, anything remixed by Skrillex, and a growing fascination with contemporary reggae, especially Damian Marley.

What are you most excited about for 2013?

Other than the release of the novella and first two of my DRAGON KINGS paranormal romances, I’m starting a corporation, buying a home for the first time in eight years, attending two conferences (RT and Nationals!), releasing a few other books under a few other names, seeing the new the second Star Trek, the third Ironman (please don’t suck!), and Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, unbearably anticipating “Game of Thrones,” “Doctor Who,” and the bride makeover show “Randy to the Rescue” (in that order), reluctantly preparing myself for the cancellation of “Smash” and enjoying it while it’s still around, and getting a pedicure. I’ve only had one but a covet another!

gambit-and-rogueWho was your first celebrity crush?

Does Gambit from The X-Men comic book count? Of course it does. I live in a world of fiction!

What are you wearing?

That’s normally a question my husband asks, but I’ll be frank: pajama bottoms, a tank top, fuzzy socks, and a maroon snowflake hoodie. Damn, I can’t wait for summer.

So…let’s get to know one another. What are you wearing? *g*