Chicago North Spring Fling

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My Katie Porter writing partner, Lorelie Brown, and I will be attending Chicago North RWA’s Spring Fling Conference, to be held in Chicago between April 25-26. This is exciting becuase it’s only held every two years, I get to see a ton of friends who’ve scattered to the publishing winds, and it’s within driving distance. That means far less strategizing when it comes to deciding what promo items to pack! Lorelie and I...

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Ice Cream Tradition

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Every year since I was eighteen, I’ve had this tradition with myself. I pick the first day of spring where it really feels like spring, and I eat a special ice cream treat to celebrate. Through the years this has mostly been a personal tradition. I distinctly remember eating a Wall’s Magnum bar on a train platform in England, and pushing a double stroller down the road from a Walgreens while trying to keep my ice cream sandwich was...

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Exciting Week!

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This has been a banner week for us here at Katie Porter Inc Corp LLC etc, which certainly includes Lindsey Piper. RT Book Reviews announced their annual Reviewers’ Choice awards…and we’re among the nominees! HARD WAY, the fourth in our “Vegas Top Guns” series, was nominated for Best Ebook Erotic Romance. That’s the same category we won last year with the third in the series, HOLD ’EM. To be nominated for...

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Oh, Word Count… We’ve Been Thwarted!

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Last Monday, Lorelie Brown and I did an amazing thing. We made a vlog! It was our first experiment in talking to the world using something other than text, and it was a learning experience lot of fun. The only problem is…the goal we mention in the video was to make 20,000 words each by Friday. Neither of us made that goal. I for one wrote more words last week than I have in longer than I can remember. (My drought is a whole different...

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Vlog Giveaway

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Hi everyone! Lorelie Brown is my co-writing partner for our Katie Porter erotic romances. We’ve been told, perhaps erroneously, that we’re actually really cute when speaking as a pair, which makes little sense because we share 80% of the same brain so it winds up sounding like a lone person jabbering away. Well, maybe that’s the appeal. Look at the silly people! Anyway, we’ve taken this feedback to heart with the idea...

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Today marks the re-release of a little book called DAYBREAK, which is available as of today in mass market paperback. I co-wrote it with Ann Aguirre under the name Ellen Connor. Daybreak is the third in the “Dark Age Dawning” trilogy, the first of which, NIGHTFALL, was nominated for the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award. Writing with Ann was my first exposure to the world of paranormal romance. I thought that...

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